In 1996, what started out as a house show with friends bringing together bands that were influenced by music from Factory Records, Sarah Records, Labrador Records and the C86 era turned into one of the most popular indie pop events worldwide. Ten years after that house show, those friends reconvened with new friends bringing together some of the best jangling, fuzzy, twee and indie pop bands across four days in New York.

In 2007, the first official NYC Popfest event was established. Together the pop lovers brought in bands not only from the United States but from all over the world. Classic artists such as Pipas, Ballboy and Allen Clapp graced audiences with their nostalgic pop songs. Pelle Carlberg (former Edson ring leader) proved that Swedish Pop can never do wrong. Buzzing new artists such as Human Television, The Secret History and My Teenage Stride added a sense of continuity in the pop world. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, what was once an obscure indie pop fuzz crowd pleaser, is now one of the most well known bands to be projected into the indie rock world. The following year also delivered a mixture of old and new as well. Buzz bands Love Is All rocked a packed Cake Shop. Cats On Fire flamboyantly charmed audiences.

In 2009, the collaboration between Maz (DJ for New York’s premiere indie pop night: MONDO!) and Clyde (Twentyseven Records - Acid House Kings, Pelle Carlberg, Irene, Fireflies, This Is Ivy League, Silver Swans) magnified their focus. With not only their experience but passion for music; they dished out some of the biggest surprises and artists to the event. Sweden's recluse and now powerhouse indie pop staple The Radio Dept. was brought to New York for the first time ever - for a sold out show at The Bell House. In the same year The Drums broke out with their first ever live show. In 2010, they followed up the next year by bringing Factory and Sarah Records legends The Wake stateside for the first time. Classic K Records band Tender Trap also made an appearance. On top of that Allo Darlin’ made a splash with their reverberating pop that buzzed around the pop community. Both years saw the event not only attract press coverage from the New York Times but also local television.

In 2011, NYC Popfest celebrated our 5 year anniversary by once again bringing an eclectic line-up to New York. The lineup included a reunited Go Sailor, old schoolers Fan Modine, Swedish popsters Days (first ever US show), Japanese rockers Caucus, Slumerland Recording artists Gold-Bears and Sea Lions and many others.

2012 was highlighted by headliners Comet Gain, The Pooh Sticks, Burning Hearts, Saturday Looks Good To Me, and Allo Darlin'. Several bands made their US live debut - including Speedmarket Avenue, Pushy Parents, The Electric Pop Group, Cola Jet Set, and White Town.

The 2013 festival will take place May 30th-June 2nd. Hope to see you there!




"By NYC festival standards the approach to the event is refreshingly grassroots – there’s no megablog or indie mag behind the endeavor – but obviously, they’re doing something right. " - Sup Mag


"NYC Popfest captured it all..." - New York Times




2012: Allo Darlin' (UK) Burning Hearts (FINLAND) Catnaps (PA) Cola Jet Set (Spain) Comet Gain (UK) Dear Marje (NYC) Dot Dash (DC) The Electric Pop Group (SWEDEN) Habibi (NYC) Heaven's Gate (NYC) The Holiday Crowd (CANADA) The Ladybug Transistor (NYC) Lisa Bouvier (SWEDEN) The Marshmallows (NYC) Orca Team (WA) Outerhope (Philippines) Pale Lights (NYC) The Pooh Sticks (UK) Pushy Parents (SWEDEN) Saturday Looks Good To Me (MI) Seapony (WA) Sleuth (CANADA) Speedmarket Avenue (SWEDEN) Swearin' (NYC) The Wave Pictures (UK) White Town (UK) Wild Moccasins (TX)

2011: Amida (UK) Balun (NYC) Betty & The Werewolves (UK) Caucus (JAPAN) Chalk & Numbers (NYC) Cuffs (MA) Darren Hanlon (AUSTRALIA) Days (SWEDEN) Dream Diary (NYC) Fan Modine (NC) The Felt Tips (UK) Geoffrey O'Connor (Australia) Gold-Bears (GA) Go Sailor (US) The Hairs (NYC) Kids On A Crime Spree (CA) The Motifs (AUSTRALIA) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (NYC) Panda Riot (IL) Persian Rugs (CANADA) Pet Milk (PA) Pocketbooks (UK) Procedure Club (CT) Rose Melberg (US) Sea Lions (CA) Silver Swans (CA) Smilelove (JAPAN) Soda Shop (NYC) The Specific Heats (NYC) Summer Fiction (PA) The Sunny Street (UK) Tiny Fireflies (IL)

2010: Allo Darlin' (UK) Apple Orchard (CA) Bears (OH) BOAT (WA) Bunnygrunt (MO) Corita (NYC) Cotton Candy (MA) Dream Diary (NYC) Elephant Parade (NYC) The Embassy (Sweden) For Ex-Lovers Only (FL) Gold-Bears (GA) Hearts!Attack (UK) Horowitz (UK) Leaving Mornington Crescent (Sweden) Moustache of Insanity (UK My Teenage Stride (NYC) Neverever (CA) One Happy Island (MA) Pants Yell! (MA) Santa Monica Swim & Dive Club (MI) Sea Lions (CA) The Secret History (NYC) A Smile and a Ribbon (Sweden) The Smittens (VT) Sweater Girls (CA) Tender Trap (UK) Veronica Falls (UK) Very Truly Yours (IL) The Wake (UK) World Atlas (NYC) The Young Friends (AZ) 

2009: Afternoon Naps (OH) The Ballet (NYC) Burning Hearts (Finland) Boy Genius (NYC) Casper and the Cookies (GA) Cats on Fire (Finland) Computer Perfection (MI) Don Lennon (NYC) Dream Bitches (NYC) The Drums (NYC) Eux Autres (CA) A Faulty Chromosome (TX) The Hat Company (OH) Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship (MI) The Icicles (MI) Knight School (NYC) Liechtenstein (Sweden) The Metric Mile (NYC) My Teenage Stride (NYC) Pants Yell! (MA) The Radio Dept (Sweden) Rose Melberg (CANADA) The Secret History (NYC) The Smittens (VT) Soft City (NYC) Steve Goldberg & the Arch Enemies (PA) Strega (NYC) Suburban Kids With Biblical Names (Sweden) The Tartans (CA) Very Truly Yours (IL) 

2008: The Besties (NYC) The Cannanes (Australia) Cannonball Jane (CT) Cats on Fire (Finland) Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (MS) From Bubblegum to Sky (NYC) The Hermit Crabs (UK) in interview (NYC) Ladybug Transistor (NYC) Love Is All (Sweden) Mahogany (NYC) My Teenage Stride (NYC) Oh! Custer (Sweden) One Happy Island (MA) The Orchids (UK) Pants Yell! (MA) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (NYC) The Secret History (NYC) The Silent League (NYC) Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies (PA) Tullycraft (WA)


2007: Affair d'Coeur (NYC), Allen Clapp and His Orchestra (CA), Ballboy (Scotland), The Ballet (NYC), Baskervilles (NYC), Best Fwends (TX), The Besties (NYC), BMX Bandits (UK), Brown Recluse (PA), Bunnygrunt (MO), Cars Can Be Blue (GA), Cause Co-Motion (NYC), Casiotone For the Painfully Alone (IL), Dear Nora (CA), The Gazetteers (NYC), The Gritty Midi Gang (NYC), Harvey Williams (UK), Human Television (NYC), The Lil' Hospital (PA), Lispector (France), The Metric Mile (NYC), Michael Leviton (NYC), Mitch Easter (NC), My Teenage Stride (NYC), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (NYC), Pants Yell! (MA), Pelle Carlberg (Sweden), Pipas (UK/NYC), The Reverse (NYC), The Secret History (NYC), The Smittens (VT), Surefire Broadcast (PA), Titans of Filth (GA), Yellow Fever (TX)